Pirate Events


Happy Harbor Pirate Fest, Sun Harbor Marina - Orange Beach, AL (September)


Pirate's Weekend at the Arizona Renaissance Festival - Gold Canyon, AZ (February)


High Desert Pirate Renaissance Faire - Victorville, CA (March)
Cutthroats of Corona Pyrate Festival - Corona, CA (May)
Sea Chantey Festival - San Diego, CA (May)
Long Beach Sea Festival - Long Beach, CA (June)
Northern California Pirate Festival, Vallejo, CA (June)
Pirate Invasion of Long Beach - Long Beach, CA (July)

Big Bear Pirate Fair - Big Bear, CA (August)

Toshiba Tall Ships Festival - Dana Point Harbor, CA (September)
Gold Coast Pirate Faire - Ventura, CA area (September)
San Diego Pirate Faire - San Diego, CA (September)
Annual Buccaneer Days at Two Harbors - Catalina Isle, CA (October)
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Boulder Pirate Con - Boulder, CO (September)
Northglenn Pirate Fest - Northglenn, CO (September)
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Privateer's Bash - Essex - CT (February)
Annual Sea Music Festival - Mystic Seaport, CT (June)
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Privateer Days - Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada (June)
The Pirate Festival at Historic Fort York - Toronto, Ontario, Canada (August)
Mahone Bay Pirate Festival and Regatta - Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada (August)
St. Peter's Pirate Days - St. Peters, Nova Scotia, Canada (September)
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Cayman Islands

Pirates Week Festival - Cayman Islands (November)
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Wilmington Pirate Festival - Wilmington, DE (June)
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Gasparilla Pirate Fest - Tampa, FL (January)
Treasure Coast Pirate Fest - Stuart, FL (January-February)
Vero Beach Pirate Festival - Vero Beach, FL (July)
Tallahassee Days Pirate Festival - Tallahassee, FL (August)
The Pillage of the Village at the Florida Renaissance Festival - Deerfield Beach, FL (February)
Lake Park Pirate Fest - Lake Park, FL (February)
Pirates sack St. Augustine, Florida (Searle's Raid) - Tampa, FL (March)
Pensacola Maritime & Pirate Fest - Pensacola, FL (March)
Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival - Fernandina Beach, FL (April)
Info found at the Fernandina pirates club page
John Levique Pirate Days - Madeira Beach, FL (June)
Billy Bowlegs Festival - Fort Walton Beach, FL (June)
Drake's Raid - St. Augustine, FL (June)
Cocoa Beach Pirate Fest - Cocoa Beach, FL (June)
Fishermen's Village Pirate Fest - Punta Gorda, FL (July)
Pirates of the St. Juans - Sanford, FL (September)
Englewood Pirate Festival - Englewood, FL (September)
Cedar Key Pirate Invasion Weekend- Cedar Key, FL (September)
Key Largo Pirate Fest - Key Largo, FL (October)
second site for this weekend here:Key Largo Pirate Festival
Pirates of the High Seas Fest - Panama City Beach, FL (October)
Fort Myers Beach Pirate Festival - Fort Myers Beach, FL (October)
Anna Maria Island Pirate Festival - Bradenton, FL (November)
Saint Arrrgustine Pirate Gathering - St. Augustine, FL (November)
Pirates in Paradise Festival - Key West, FL (late Nov-Dec) No Festival Currently Planned
Fort Taylor Pyrate Invasion - Key West, FL (December)
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Jackson Lake PirateFest - Jackson, GA (April)
Tybee Island Pirate Fest - Tybee Island, GA (October)
Southern Pirate Festival - Columbus, GA (October)
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Pirates of Paynetown - Paynetown, IN (August)
BucCornEar Festival and Parade- Helmsburg, IN (September)
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NOLA Pyrate Week - New Orleans, LA (March)
Contraband Days Festival - Lake Charles, LA (April-May)
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Damariscotta River Pirate Rendezvous - Damariscotta, ME (June)
Eastport Pirate Festival - Eastport, ME (September)
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Fells Point Privateer Festival - Baltimore, MD (April)
Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend - Rock Hall, MD (August)
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New England Pirate Faire - Gloucester, MA (June)
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Michigan Pirate Festival - Grand Haven, MI (August)
Buccaneer Bash at Olde World Vllage - Augusta, MI (May)
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Central Missouri Pirate Fest - Kingdom City, MO (June)
St. Louis Pirate Festival - Wentzville, MO-West of St. Louis (September)
Pirate Day in the Bay - St. Louis, MO (May)
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Plunder Fest - Clarks Grove, MN (August)
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Midlands Pirate Fest - Omaha, NE (October)
Midwest Pirate Fest - Papillion - NE (August)
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Pirate Fest Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV (April)
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Nevis Island, Caribbean

Nevis Peppered Pickled Pirates Party Time - Nevis Island, Caribbean (October & November)
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New Jersey

Pillage the Village Festival - Mt. Holly, NJ (June)
Pirate's Day - Barnegat, NJ (September)
New Jersey Pirates and Privateers Weekend - Atlantic City, NJ (September)
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New York

Marathon Pirate Festival - Marathon, NY (June)
Long Island Pirate Festival - Long Island, NY (June)
Niagara Pirates Festival - Newfane-Olcott, NY (July)
Evangola State Park Pirate Fest, Irving, NY (July)
Pirates Weekend at the Sterling Renaissance Festival - Sterling, NY (July)
Brooklyn Treasure Cove Maritime Festival / Red Hook Pirate Fest - Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY (July)
Palmyra Pirate Weekend - Palmyra, NY (August)
Bill Johnston's Pirate Days - Alexandria Bay, NY (August)
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North Carolina

Greenville/ Pitt County Pirate Festival - Greenville, NC (April)
Denton Pyrate Invasion - Denton, NC (June)
Beaufort Pirate Invasion - Beaufort, NC (August)
Feast of the Pirates - Wilmington, NC (November)
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Pirate Weekend on the Santa Maria - Columbus, OH (May)
Pirate Invade the Great Lakes Medieval Faire - Cleveland, OH (July)
Great Lakes Pirate Fest- Vermilion, OH (October)
Pirates Weekend at the Ohio Renaissance Festival - Harveysburg, OH (September)
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Pirates Everywhere at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival - Muskogee, OK (May)
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Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival - Rockaway Beach, OR (June)
Seadog Nights and Gypsy Carnival - Lebanon, OR (July)
Depoe Bay Pirate Treasure Hunt - Depoe Bay, OR (August)
New Pirate Festival by the Pirates of Tortuga - Molalla, OR (August)
Pirates of the Pacific - Brookings-Harbor, OR (August)
Portland Pirate Festival - Portland, OR (September)
Swashbuckler's Ball - Portland, OR (November)
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Pirates Weekend at Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire - Mt. Hope, PA (August)
Pirates Weekend at Wild Rose Renaissance Faire- Columbus, PA (June)
Marcus Hook Pirate Festival - Marcus Hook, PA (September)
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Rhode Island

Cap'n Nick's Newport Pirate Walk presents PirateFest - Newport, RI (May)
Newport Pirate Invasion - Newport, R.I. (June)
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South Carolina

Charleston Harbor Fest - Charleston, SC (June)
Annual Harborwalk Festival - Georgetown, SC (June)
Charleston Pirate Festival - Charleston, SC (August)
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Pirates invade Tennessee Renaissance Festival - Nashville, TN (May)
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Buc Days - Corpus Christi, TX (April)
Fifth Annual Swashbucklers' Soiree - Galveston, TX (July)
Long John silver's Pirate Invasion Weekend at Scarborough Faire - Waxahachie, TX (April-May)
Texas Pirate Festival - Hillsboro, TX (June)
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Lake Fairfax Pirate Fest - Reston, VA (May)
Pirate Party on the Beach - Virginia Beach, VA (May)
Hampton Blackbeard Festival - Hampton, VA (June)
Yankee Point Marina River Pirates Festival - Lancaster, VA (August)
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United Kingdom

Brixham Pirate Festival - Brixham, Devon UK (May)
Conwy Pirate Weekend - Conwy, Wales, UK (June)
Fort Victoria Caribbean Pirate Show - Isle of Wight, UK (July)
Whitby Pirate Day - Whitby, North yorkshire, UK (September)
Fort Victoria Caribbean Pirate Show - Isle of Wight, UK (July)
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US Virgin Islands

No current listing.
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Toast of Tortuga - Ridgefield, WA (March)
Rusty Scupper's Pirate Daze - Westport, WA (June)
Lake Chelan Pirate Fest - Lake Chelan, WA (July)
Pirate's Weekend at Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire - Buckley, WA (August)
Wall Wall Spring Theme with Pirate Theme - Walla Walla, WA (May)
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Port Washington Pirate Festival - Port Washingon, WI (June)