Mutiny Crew

Meet the Mutiny Crew

Talderoy The guiding force at Studio City Tattoo  & founder of Order of Leviathan,  He is a man with a song dedicated to his might. Here be to you Tal, Captain of Issue #1 of Mutiny Magazine.  Talderoy is Bosun of Mutiny Magazine & his shop Studio City Tattoo is the main sponsor while backing the …

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Matthew Hunt ( Lycan )

Lycan – Art Director Lycan Productions My name is Matthew Hunt, I am an artist, and my independent production company is called Lycan Productions™. It’s a Multimedia Productions Company. Utilizing Photography, Graphic Design, Editing, Magic, and whatever the job calls for. I am partnered up with other artists and their independent and non-profits companies like …

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Kendra Guffey

Kendra Guffey – Pirate Master Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Guffey grew up fishing and hunting and considers herself to be a skilled outdoorswoman. Travelling is her passion and she has been all over the world, returning from a trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal at 17,665 feet in October 2006. Guffey was …

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Clay Talderoy

Acrew’s favorite pirate saying is “Up for luck!” which he described as coming from raising the sails. “It’s an Irish folklore saying that is like ‘thumbs up!’” he said. Source  Talderoy Acrew ( Clay Clement ) Clay Clement, owner of Studio City Tattoo, Los Angeles’ favorite destination for skin art, has embarked on a new …

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