A message from Captain Bullet Valmont

This issue no. 3 Captain/Dictator Bullet Valmont

Ahoy there, rogues of refined literary sensibilities. This be Bullitt writing to you for my first time as dictator (captain) of an entire issue of Mutiny. Aye, and the power has corrupted me completely. While Talderoy got our Mutiny ship afloat-typosleans and all-with Issue #1 and Lycan push it out to sea in #2, I'll be steering Issue #3 full-sail through the Straits of Dire,
navigating maelstomous storms and traversing unholy realms of Leviathan. So hold tight to that standing rigging, and try not to spill your rum cups.

In this tome of briny terror our cover-pirate Louie Lambe will share his tales of sea-faring tribulations, a skeleton private will speak, and Kendra will escape to some distant and dangerous port of deep-sea adventure though I hadn't been informed of exactly where by the time we went to press. So be surprised. I will. Further; we'll get our Grognotive Dissonance on with the Tropically Prepared libations of Don Ron Brown, straight from the Bahaman Isles to your liver !

The rest of the Mutiny crew by aboard this voyage too, delivering parxysms of piracy to quicken your timbers and shiver yer members.