The Order of Leviathan was first presented in 2009 in the print magazine 'Pirates Magazine.' Today, the Order has sailed to a new online port in order to reach a wider audience. New Order members are inducted every two years based upon selecting from nominees and the online voting of the subculture known as the “pirate community”.

What We Do: The Order of the Leviathan are ambassadors of the pirate community. Artists, enthusiasts, performers and craftsmen, we encourage the striving for excellence and creativity within our own ranks and our fellow pirates toward the cause of inciting passion for piratical history and lore in the world at large.

We have a new ship in Mutiny Magazine, and great things are being planned including events. Here on this site we’ll communicate with you things that we’re involved with and happenings within the known pirate world. Good things on the horizon mates, so keep a weather eye out!